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You can turn to Avendor FöretagsFörmedling AB with all types of questions concerning buying and selling companies including real estates companies. We can help you with the following:

  • The complete sales process when you wish to sell the whole or parts of your company
  • Advice prior to acquisitions, buyouts or mergers
  • A valuation of your company as preparation prior to an impending take-over
  • Consultant services in connection with raising capital, financing and business development

We have considerable experience as executives within many different business sectors. Industry, commerce, the property sector or the service sector? We have experience in all of these fields, and can therefore quickly put ourselves into the marketing and strategic position of most companies. This is of the utmost importance when organising the search process for finding the right buyer for your company.

We have good contacts with buyers such as investment companies, venture capital companies and private individuals as well as banks, accountants and lawyers. Being part of FöretagsFörmedlarna, a co-operation organisation for independent business agents, allows us to obtain help in finding buyers and sellers all over Sweden. Many years of experience internationally makes it easier for us to find buyers abroad, if required.

The sales process

Prior to an assignment, we always search together with our principals to arrive at the prerequisites, which will apply for the assignment and the expectations that exist. Among other things, this applies to expectations regarding price and when the company is ready to be sold. If there is a reason to postpone the sale, we can help in different ways to create the right conditions and therefore increase the value of your company. Prior to the commencement of the sales process, an assignment agreement, which regulates our conditions, is entered into.

Our work comprises analysis, valuation, preparation of a sales prospectus, marketing, making contact with prospective buyers, preparation of confidentiality agreement, introduction of interested parties, negotiations, preparation of contracts, implementation and follow up of formalities. We also accept indicative offers for larger objects. In short we assume responsibility as the project leader and direct the sales process up until completion. We will assist the buyer if he/she needs help with bank contacts or financiers. Our work is characterised by commitment and a feel for the market.

We market our assignment object depending on the type of company it is. Initially, we seek to identify natural, possible interested parties. This is based on both experience and searching in databases. All objects will be added to our own, FöretagsFörmedlarnas’ and others’ website. If deemed appropriate we will market our object through adverts in the local and national press. We also have a list of interested parties, who previously expressed an interest, in our database. In this way we also capture non-sector related buyers, who perhaps were not considered to be natural choices, and we get a broad adaptation of the market.

The value of a company is determined chiefly by its profits, substance and development potential, but also by the buyers who are interested. Buyers in the same sector can often create synergy gains and perhaps therefore are prepared to pay a higher price. The art of selling a company is to find the ‘right’ buyer, which is why it is important to find several interested parties.

A company takeover is not always concluded with the signing of the contract and possession of the company having taken place. Sometimes the seller’s continued assistance in some form is required and the buyer may have commitments to live up to. We will assist until all issues have been settled.

The search process

You can of course contact us to find out which companies we have for sale. If there is nothing appropriate available we can help with an active search service. An assignment agreement will then be signed and together we will define present search criteria along the lines of geographical location, sector, size, market share, competence etc. With these search criteria as a starting-point, we will compile a gross list of possible objects. We will then conduct a detailed analysis of a more limited number of objects. Following consultation a decision will be taken as to which companies will be contacted. This can be done without our customer’s identity being revealed. If there are prerequisites and possibilities of a take-over, the interested parties will be brought together and negotiations will begin. Avendor Mergers & Acquisitions is the project leader and will participate in all the phases required by the customer until a take-over has occurred.


Normally, the customer does not wish to make it known that their company is to be sold, neither does the buyer want people to know that he/she wishes to buy a specific object. We therefore conduct all activities with the observance of the greatest possible confidentiality. This means e.g. that during marketing the object is presented in such a way that it is not possible to ‘detect’ which company is being referred to. When making contact with prospective customers these will receive more detailed information only after having signed a confidentiality agreement. The handling of the confidentiality issue involves an adjustment, which is why the degree of confidentiality is decided in consultation with our employer; sometimes a completely ‘open’ procedure can be possible.

Harald Kolmert

Harald Kolmert
Executive experience within industry, commerce, property and the service sectors. Extensive international experience within the Hilleshög and DIAB groups. Has previously presided over several acquisitions as well as sales of non-sector related operations and properties. Has supervised getting a company listed on the stock exchange. Since Avendor was founded in 2006 active in company procurement and management/board work.

Born in 1948. MBA with deeper studies in law. Mentor trained under the auspices of Connect Skåne. Has taken courses in Industrial Management and Value-creating Leadership at IFL, Stockholm School of Economics. Speaks English, German and French.

Member of the Swedish Association of Business Agents.

Cell phone: +46 (0)70 567 63 43